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  The Reckon Knowledge Browser
This website within Reckon has many articles written to address problems you may encounter when working with Reckon software in different versions. They have workarounds to meet your needs. They are written by the Technical Support Team at Reckon so you can be assured they are very accurate and detailed.

Reckon FAQs
This is a collection of frequently asked questions that Reckon have put together for quick and easy use.

The Reckon Community Forum
Here you can follow a conversation about any of the Reckon products, start your own, ask a question, or find out how someone else is handling your issue. You can sign up and be a part of a dynamic community. Members are both from Reckon Ltd product development and technical support teams, Accredited and Professional consultants like myself, and users just like yourself.

The Reckon Blog Page
You don’t have to be a member to read what users and training consultants are saying. Accountants, Bookkeepers, Training Consultants, and Business Owners chat regularly on this forum.

The Australian Business Register
Here you can:
Look up an ABN to verify validity and obtain GST registration status – this is particularly applicable for businesses in the
Building Industry who employ subcontractors to enable you to comply with the annual TPAR reporting requirement. It is
also applicable for all businesses to ensure you are only claiming GST back on expenditure from GST registered businesses
Apply for an ABN or change your ABN details

TAPs – The Association for Payroll Specialists
Here you can learn more about how this business can support your business with payroll questions. You can become a member and have a professional payroll expert always at your fingertips – or you can rely on my membership for support.

The Tax Practitioners Board
The TPB registers and regulates BAS Agents & Tax Agents nationally. Users can search both Tax & BAS Agents to find out current registration information.

The Australian Taxation Office
On this site you can:
Apply for an Auskey to enable you to lodge your own BASs & IASs and thereby obtain an extended period to pay, look up
due dates, look up or amend previous lodgements, and check your account balance with the ATO. You can also lodge your
annual Payment Summaries for employees report and your annual Subcontractor report
Order forms and publications
Use the quick calculator for tax
Determine whether you should be paying superannuation and workers compensation for some of your subcontractors
according to the legislation governing this
Use the Superannuation Clearing House to lodge and pay your superannuation obligations if less than 20 employees
Learn more about the GST legislation and how it applies to you

ASIC – Australian Securities and Investment Commission
Users can search for registration of business names or apply for a new one

The Reckon Limited website
Here you can download a free Trial Version of any of the software products including:
Reckon Accounts
Reckon Hosted
Reckon One
You can also compare product features

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